The Salvation Army Angel Tree

Stephens Media Group has teamed up with the Salvation Army Angel Tree and Akland Pump & Irrigation to help less fortunate kids in the Yakima Valley have the Christmas they deserve. Make a wish come true by purchasing a toy for a child (or multiple!) on the list. Give us a call or message us here to let us know which child you will be purchasing a present for. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Please bring unwrapped toys to 17 N. 3rd Street, Suite 103 by 12/15/23.

Salvation Army Angel Tree

First Name Gender Age Wish
Miray F 2 Years ​Puzzles , babys ​
Sofia F 9 Years ​Slime set ​
Liam Yahir M 3 Years ​cars ​
claudia F 6 Years ​barbies ​
jose manuel M 17 Months ​cars and trucks for baby ​
Fernando M 7 Years ​Fortnight and microscope ​
Emmanuel M 19 Months ​Cars and cocomelon toys ​
Maireny F 7 Years ​Baby Alive bike tea set ​
Zander’s M 12 Years ​Meet Messi ​
Ariel F 2 Years ​Toddler tricycle ​
Jesus M 7 Years ​LEGOs o una bicicleta ​
Neymar M 2 Years ​Cars, Clothes, Diapers ​
Norberto M 6 Years ​Cars, Clothes, Shoes ​
Jaylin F 7 Years ​Barbie, Make Up, Clothes ​
Juan M 12 Years ​Bigcar, dinosaursspeaker ​
Alexsander M 10 Years ​Bigcars, dinosaurs ​
Yaretzi F 4 Years ​Dolls,barbie, ponny ​
Kaylani F 3 Years ​Barbies,dolls,blocks ​
Dariela F 12 Months ​Babytoys, unicorns barbi ​
Yatziri F 2 Years ​Unicorns,barbie,pinkdano ​
Lysander M 9 Years lego ​
Abelardo M 7 Years ​Legos and sonic toys ​
Nataly F 6 Years ​Barbies ​
Valentina F 3 Years ​Horse Toys ​
Ismael M 23 Months ​Blocks cars bears balls ​
Aleaha F 4 Years ​Doll,Barbie,kitchenplayd ​
Allison F 4 Years ​CocomelonBarbie,tricycle ​