The Capitol Theatre


Capitols Best at the Capitol Theatre kicks off this month with Christmas Story. Also, An American in Paris, Jersey Boys, Sponge Bob, Chicago and more.  Check out the back stage tour and like and share this for your chance to win a pair of tickets to a show.  For more information or to purchase tickets visit

The Capitol Theatre is a historic landmark to the Yakima Valley. Originally built in 1920, it housed many talented shows and performances. Tragically in 1975 the theatre burned to the ground leaving the valley devastated. But just 733 days after the fire, it was rebuilt and reopened as the theatre we know and love today.

We got to start our tour of the Capitol by standing right at the front of the stage learning of it’s rich history, proving that the theatre is truly a beautiful sight!

From center stage we moved side stage (and also 20 feet up) to check out all the lighting details!

This is where we flipped to the other side of the theatre and got to check it out from the booth. We ended up over here after climbing up and walking AROUND the giant dome at the top of the theatre. It was terrifying but amazing.

Ever hear the legend of the Capitol Theatre Ghost, Shorty? An ex crew member who fell in love with the star of a play, only for her to admit she had no feelings for him. Shorty hung himself from the rafters inside the theatre, right above the stage. This is the door to what was once an organ room. Even though the room had been empty for years, the door would mysteriously open and close on its own. They ended up sealing the doorway and room, dubbing this door “Shorty’s Door.” 

The Capitol Theatre is a true gift to the Yakima Valley. Rich in talent, passion and history it’s a must see for any Yakima resident. Like and share this post on your facebook page to get entered to win a pair of tickets to a show of your choosing!