Pet Of The Week

Meet Ms. Harrah. An easy going, ready to travel or just hang at home with you young mix of smartness. Sweet Harrah was left-dumped with two of her siblings in cold December. She is believed to be approximately 3 months old…..the perfect imprinting age. Harrah is currently in a busy foster home with old and young dogs. Harrah is eager to please and so appreciates being in a home. She learned to use the dog door within a day of being in the foster home and will use it independently. She has been crate trained in the home and travels well in a crate in the car. Harrah has been going to work with her foster family and adapting easily to all the different people and situations that the workplace brings.

We aren’t sure what or how many mixes are present in Ms. Harrah DNA line is, but based on behavior and appearance we’re thinking Lab, Retriever, Shepard maybe a touch of Rottweiler with her Brown coloring on the feet. Based on how much she enjoys “talking” when she’s playing….maybe even a touch of Husky.

Ms. Harrah is at the perfect age to adapt and bond with a household ready for a smart puppy!

If you would like to be considered for the adoption of Harrah, please go to our website at to submit an application. Please be sure to include a vet reference so we can ensure with your dog’s healthcare provider that your animal’s health is important to you. Harrah’s adoption fee is $250, and due to her young age, you will need to obtain a pre-paid receipt of spay from your veterinarian and provide a copy of it to us for her file before she will be allowed to go home with you.

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