What Type of Potato Makes the Best Mashed Potatoes?

 If you’re in charge of mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving, you might have strong opinions about this:  What’s the best TYPE of potato to use?

Someone talked to a bunch of chefs, and it depends on what texture you prefer.  Here are four types of mashed potatoes, and which potato to use for each one . . .


1.  Light and fluffy?  Use Russet potatoes.  The same type you’d use for a baked potato.  They’re starchier than other options, and that tends to add more fluff.  Just don’t over-mash them, or they can get too sticky.

2.  Thick and creamy?  Use Yukon gold.  They’re smoother and have a buttery texture.  They also absorb less water than Russet, so there’s less of a chance they’ll get runny or mushy if you mess something up.

3.  Light and fluffy, but also creamy?  Use a mix of the two.  Yes, it’s allowed.  Try a two-to-one ratio with more Yukon than Russet.

4.  Want to avoid all the peeling?  Red potatoes are best.  The peels should basically fall off after they’re boiled.  Or just leave them on and do more of a “smashed potato” thing.


(Huff Post)