Steve Rocha Meets Steve Austin


The story: I woke up yesterday morning and decided to sport my Stone Cold Steve Austin T-shirt, not knowing he had been in town. I found out through social media that he was, i was like whoa! He had lunch a block away from the radio station on Wednesday! Not thinking of course there’d be a chance of finding him. Well, fast forward to later Thursday afternoon, a group text from work comes in (i’m actually at home at this point, dozing off), and i keep hearing my phone go off. So i decided to check what was going on. Lindsey from KXDD says “Stone Cold Steve Austin is at Bale Breaker”! lol so Todd Lyons and I both live in Moxee, and we’re quick to run over! Of course we didn’t want to interrupt the Texas Rattlesnake because he was talking shop with the fine folks at Bale Breaker. We found a moment as he got up to leave and I got my pic! Definitely one for the story books! Can i get a Hell Yeah!? #Austin316

What about the shirt i wore earlier that day? I had changed out of it, i didn’t want to make it totally obvious that we found out he was there….

Steve Rocha- Cherry FM Morning Show.