It’s so cold that…..

Temperatures have been frigid across the U.S. over the past few days.  So, how cold is it?


1.  It’s so cold, around 150 million Americans . . . or 45% of the population . . . have been under wind chill warnings and advisories.

2.  It’s so cold, AccuWeather posted a video of some frozen noodles suspending a fork in mid-air in Denver.

3.  It’s so cold, the National Weather Service shared footage of someone in Flagstaff, ARIZONA tossing boiling water in the air and watching it freeze.  A lot of people burn themselves doing that, so be careful!

4.  It’s so cold, a meteorologist in Lansing, Michigan was driving to work yesterday when her windshield cracked for no apparent reason.

5.  It’s so cold, people in Chicago have been posting videos of steam rising off Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.

6.  It’s so cold, Portland, Oregon’s largest sewage station has been running at half-capacity after one of their pipes froze.  A backup generator also froze and sent sewage into around a dozen homes.

7.  It’s so cold, Chiefs coach Andy Reid’s mustache froze during their game against the Dolphins in Kansas City.  And bottles of water at the concession stands were immediately freezing when they took them out of the fridge.

Thankfully, temperatures are expected to ease up after today for most of the U.S., especially as we get closer to the weekend.


(USA Today)