Four Things to Never Do in an Emergency, According to an E.R. Doctor

Someone talked to an E.R. doctor about things you SHOULDN’T do in a medical emergency.  Here are his top four tips, based on things he sees way too often . . .


1.  Don’t called loved ones first.  Sometimes we panic and call someone close to us for advice.  But if it’s a medical emergency, ALWAYS call 911 first.  You can call everyone else later.

2.  Don’t drive someone to the hospital yourself.  It’s almost always better to call an ambulance.  Then they can treat the person as soon as they get there.  It’s also hard to focus on driving when your passenger’s in pain, or needs help.

3.  Don’t leave someone alone at the E.R.  People in pain can’t always make good medical decisions, or stick up for themselves.  So don’t just drop them off and immediately pop out to get food.  Stick around.

4.  Don’t forget a phone charger.  Obviously don’t stop to grab one in the MIDDLE of an emergency.  But if you’re following them to the E.R., try to bring one.  It’s really common for people to rush to the hospital, be there six to eight hours, and have no way to call people.