Pet Of The Week

Snap! Crackle! Pop! This litter of five had some spice when they came to us. Wildfire was brought into the local Humane Society with her four sisters: Snap, Crackle, Pop, and Sparks. They had been found in Sunnyside and were not used to human touch when they were first trapped but our volunteer saw how young they were and knew they deserved a chance. Wildfire is now four months old and has the most beautiful and unique colors/patterns we have ever seen. Her pattern reminds us of a Clouded Leopard and when she wants to be, she can be just as elusive as one. We put she might have some Bengal in her, but truthfully there is no way to know, we are just going off of looks. Wildfire was one of the most shy out of her siblings and it took a little longer to win her over, but it was worth the extra effort. Once you get her on the bed or couch with you she is all about the love, rubbing against your face and head-butting you her purr can be heard across the room. She makes us laugh with her mixture of sassy and sweet disposition, her go-to hiss when she is startled will happen even when she is purring; it’s just her special way of saying hello. She is a chatty little girl and if you meow at her she perks up and runs right over to meow back. Wildfire likes other animals. Wait, no, that isn’t right… Let’s try that again… Wildfire LOVES other animals. The adult cat and two large breed dogs in the home sometimes don’t know what to do with her as she continues to rub against them and follow them around like she is their shadow. She definitely would prefer a home with a friendly cat or dog that she can be besties with. Long noises and quick movements still scare Wildfire so she would do best in a quieter home without kids. She will need someone who is willing to gain her trust and understand that at first she won’t know who they are and that will be scary for her, but if you put in some time you will get rewarded 100 times over. This girl is so incredibly special and we are looking for an equally special home. She might not be the turn key kitten everyone is looking for, but we know someone is going to see this girl for the diamond she is. Wildfire is currently an indoor-only kitten and we are looking for a home that will keep it that way. Don’t worry, Wildfire is litter box trained in her foster home, however she is a kitten and with a new home environment she will need to learn where her new litter box is. Wildfire is a kitten and kitten behavior comes with the package, she should be provided plenty of toys and scratching posts to continue good scratching habits. Wildfire is up to date on age appropriate vaccinations and has been spayed. She has also been microchipped and that will be registered to her family at time of adoption. If you think Wildfire may be the one for you please go to our website and fill out the application to adopt. Be sure to include a vet reference, as regular vet care is important for the health of all of our adopted pets. With approval and a $125 adoption fee she will be ready to find her happily ever after with you.

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