Three Mistakes People Make with Customer Service Reps

Calling customer service is one of the most annoying things we do in life.  And rest assured, those agents are annoyed with US too.  Here are three mistakes people make while on the phone with customer service . . .


1.  Going in hot, or being rude in general.  Remember, the person you’re talking to is just doing their job, and they’re not really the one you’re mad at.  So at a minimum, try to be polite.

Being rude right off the bat also just isn’t a great strategy in general.  You need them on your side, so they WANT to help you.  If you’re a jerk, they’ll just do the bare minimum.


2.  Not being prepared.  Before you call, think about things you’ll need to have ready, like dates and account numbers.  They appreciate that, and they’ll be more likely to do what they can to help.


3.  Being completely unwilling to compromise.  Maybe you want a refund, but they offer you a credit.  Sometimes it makes sense to just quit while you’re ahead and be done with it.