The Top Things Kids Feel Insecure About When It Comes to Their Looks

How old were you when you started feeling self-conscious about your LOOKS?  It can happen even earlier for kids today, and a new study looked at the top things that might be affecting your child’s self-esteem.

Researchers polled parents with kids between eight and 18.  And nearly two-thirds said their child is self-conscious about their looks.  Here are the top things kids are feeling insecure about right now, or at least the ones parents know about.


1.  Acne.  32% said their kid is self-conscious about their skin.

2.  Their weight, 31%.

3.  Their hair, 27%.

4.  Their teeth, 18%.

5.  Their height, 17%.

6.  Their facial features, 12%.

Feeling a little insecure is normal, by the way, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their social life or school.  But you can help by teaching them about body diversity, and that TV shows and ads tend to set unrealistic standards.


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